Pre-teen to Young Adult

For Whom, for What?

Physiological changes, learning, examinations, choice of study or professional path, the period 10-20 years is a very rich moment in life. Sophrology can help to approach all these moments with serenity and self-confidence.

Help pre-teen and adolescent:

  • To apprehend physical and mental changes,
  • Project oneself serenely into the future,
  • Manage emotions,
  • Improve concentration,
  • Gain autonomy,
  • Develop self-confidence...

Give tools to a high school student and young adult to:

  • Prepare for exams: GCSC, A levels, driving license, etc.
  • Manage stress, anxiety: choice of orientation, oral, etc.
  • Reduce anxiety, maintain calm, have a restful sleep, improve self-esteem...


Kindness, non-judgment, listening carefully and attention will offer the young person a framework to express himself/herself.
The exercises will allow him to discover himself, to apprehend his body, to accept himself in order to find his skills and have confidence in him. He will thus be able, with a new look on himself and a better knowledge of himself, to better live the present moment and to project himself into the future.

Carole's experience

In first grade, we find out that I’m dyslexic. Through my school journey I find that with kind teachers everything goes well, and not as well with others.  My dyslexia made me realize that:  

  • A difference is a gift,  
  • Kindness helps to develop one’s qualities, to surpass oneself,
  • Confidence and self-esteem allow us to achieve our goals.

Each of us is unique. If you have a peculiarity, if your child, teenager, is experiencing a similar situation or encounters difficulties at school or in his or her daily life, sophrology will help you so it becomes a strength, to find confidence in yourself, to regain self-esteem.