At Work

For Whom, for What?

 The Employee:

  • Going to work with enthusiasm,
  • To improve his performance,
  • To strengthen his motivation,
  • Discover oneself own resources,
  • Dealing with stress,
  • Prepare for a presentation,
  • To develop his creativity,
  • To flourish.

The Entrepreneur/Manager:

  • Discover your own resources,
  • To flourish,
  • Prepare oneself for an important meeting,
  • Install a positive and dynamic spirit in your company/department,
  • To improve the performance,
  • To develop his creativity,
  • To reach his goal.

For the company:

  • Improve the work environment,
  • Promoting well-being at work and hours spend at work,
  • Allow a reduction in absenteeism and turnover, accidents at work,
  • To increase productivity,
  • Promote a better corporate image.

Carole's experience

Back in France after 15 years abroad, I understand that in reality what motivates me at work is the well-being of my colleagues, listening to them carefully, creating a positive atmosphere and defending values within the company of equality, balance, …

That is why, in order to be able to support the employee, the head of the company/manager and the company to set up this well-being at work, I trained as sophrologist.
Sophrology's regular practice allows everyone, for the benefit of all, to develop for example: self-confidence, stress management, positive communication between all employees. Each one can thus be himself and fully express himself.
In this way, the company becomes a pleasant, dynamic, motivating environment that can share its values and take care of the human, its primordial resource.

My professional experience, in France and abroad, and my training as a sophrologist allow me :

  • To adapt to your needs,
  • To work with group as well as with individual,
  • To provide you with personalized support, respecting your rhythm, with non-judgement and confidentiality,
  • To give you all the tools you need to achieve your goals.

Therefore, if today you are an entrepreneur or employee, I accompany you so that company rhymes with among other things:

  • Harmony,
  • Positive management,
  • A better professional and personal's life.

In "How?", you find the information to set up your program: the steps, the quote, the individual or group sessions implementations.


First appointment to

Identify the Needs

in connection with the problems encountered in the company
  • Improve communication,
  • Decrease stress,
  • Maintains teams' motivation,
  • Implement a positive spirit within the company.

Define the Objective(s)

to meet the needs
  • Improve listening to strengthen performance,
  • Learning to manage stress,
  • Prepare an important appointment / presentation,
  • Promote well-being at work and hours spent in the workplace.



Implementation of the proposal

  • Thematic workshops (during a seminar),
  • Group sessions,
  • Individual sessions.