Learn more about your sessions

The sessions last 1 hour (except the first one) and can take place 9 avenue Charles de Gaulle or by skype.

The first session focuses on an exchange to identify your needs and specify the aim of your personalized programme. Duration 1h15/ 1h30.

Each session includes a time of exchange, then a time of practice with breathing exercises and muscle relaxation, and a visualization.


Six to ten sessions should be considered in order to achieve satisfactory results and to reach your objective.

Regular personal training will ensure you to gain full understanding and benefit from the proposed exercises.


Living Room




1st session: €60 and Session 1H: €50 (cheque or cash)

Payment at each session by cheque or cash.

* Look at your private insurance policy to see if you can be reimbursed for all or part of your sophrology sessions. If required, my certification number and RNCP are listed on the invoices.